Haulin’ Goats

Thank you for your interest in Haulin’ Goats goat rental service, where our mission is to help Northeast Ohioans¬†landscape their properties in an environmentally-friendly way by clearing their land with goats!

Why Use a Goat Rental Service?

  • Goats are great at clearing unwanted vegetation – even the things that humans don’t want to touch, like poison ivy and thistles.
  • Goats don’t pollute; in fact, they provide natural fertilizer while they work!
  • They are quieter and less expensive than machines, and safer than chemicals.
  • Bonus: they are adorable!

How It Works:

We bring our goats to your property, set up a temporary fence around the area that needs to be cleared, and let them do what they do naturally. We take them home in the evening and return as needed until the job is done!



Due to a leg injury, James is unable to do estimates at this time. Hopefully he will be back up and running by the beginning of May, at which time we will assess how able he will be for working with the goats on site. 


Check out our FAQ or contact us today to find out more about how we can help you!

5 thoughts on “Haulin’ Goats

  1. Don’t live in your area but I saw this on the FB and love it! I only hope that it brings you much happiness.

  2. That’s awesome~! No waste of fossil fuels to power a mower, nor icky chemicals, just some HANGRY ghoats! Good idea humans, hope it works out~! =~D

  3. I’m in Chesterland and have only an acre that needs cleared. Is this in your range?

    1. Chesterland isn’t too far from us. There may be a small additional fee if it’s over 50 miles, but I don’t think it would be. Drop us a line and we can talk more.

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