James and Heather Cropped

We are a couple who moved from the suburbs to an 1834 farm house to pursue our dream of learning to live off the land by growing our own food sustainably and organically. We raise goats and chickens, and have a small orchard and a garden.

Haulin’ Goats goat rental service was born out of our commitment to finding earth-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides and herbicides and gas-guzzling machines whenever possible, and frankly in the hope that Heather’s goat obsession might start to pay for itself.

We have three children and two grandchildren, and when we are not working on the farm, we enjoy playing music and singing together, and sometimes perform in local community theatre.

We look forward to sharing our adventures in homesteading with you through our blog and our work with Haulin’ Goats goat rental service.

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