How much can the goats eat?

The answer depends on how thickly vegetated the area is, and how tall the plants are, but a good rule of thumb is that goats can clear up to 800 square feet per day per goat. We like to visit a site in advance to give our best estimate of how long we think it will take and how many goats are recommended to best meet your specific needs.

Do they really eat poison ivy?

Goats can and do eat almost any kind of plants, including the things we don’t like, such as poison ivy and thistles. There are a few things they shouldn’t eat, like nightshade, which is another reason we like to check out a site ahead of time. We love our goats and want to make sure we keep  them happy and healthy!

Will the goats cut my grass?

Goats will eat some grass, but they don’t prefer it and don’t make good lawnmowers. They are browsers, closely related to deer, (as opposed to grazers – like sheep), which means they prefer to eat brush and other plants. They are great at clearing away thistles, blackberries, poison ivy, kudzu and other invasive plants.

Can I pet the goats?

Absolutely! Goats are friendly and full of personality and they love attention. Just please make sure we are around and that you ask us first so we can turn off the power to our electric fence. We don’t want anyone getting shocked!

If you would like to rent our goats just for petting, we are happy to do that too. Goats love meeting new people, and are very sociable party guests.

Will the goats be OK with my dog?

Goats are generally curious by nature and if they see a dog or other animal, they will most likely want to watch whatever the animal is doing. They just really want to know what’s going on around them and rarely become fearful unless they are given a reason to. For this reason we prefer that our clients’ dogs not be allowed to come near the goats unless they are leashed and under your control. We love dogs too, but again – we just want to make sure we are keeping everyone safe.

Do we need to provide you with anything while you are on our property?

The only thing we need is access to running water (and even that can be worked around with advance notice). Otherwise, we bring everything we need. We do appreciate access to bathroom facilities, but if this is not possible – well, see the next question…

Is there someone with the goats the whole time?

We usually stay with them to make sure they are safe; however, if your property is in a quiet area where the goats are not likely to be disturbed, we may leave periodically to attend to other business.

What do you do with the poop?

We leave it where it lies. Goat poop is fairly innocuous. It looks very similar to deer droppings, doesn’t have much of an odor and degrades very quickly. It makes excellent fertilizer, so especially if you are preparing the area to grow other plants, the goats are actually doing you a favor!

If our goats commit a faux pas and poop in an inconvenient location, like your sidewalk, we will gladly sweep that up for you.

Our Rates

Generally, eight of our goats at one time can cover about 2500 square feet per day. Heavy vegetation would half that, to about 1250 square feet per day. Actual approximate coverage would be calculated in an estimate.

Per day costs are as follows:

2 goats – $50/day
4 goats – $90/day
8-10 goats – $175/day
– 5+ days – $150/day

Any travel over 40 miles from home base adds a $30/day travel charge.

Estimates are free, unless over 40 miles, which would add the same $30 travel charge. If the estimate translates into a job, the charge counts toward the first day of work (no travel charge for the first day).

Scheduling a job requires a 20% down payment. Down payments are refundable up to 48 hours before a scheduled start date. Rescheduling is possible if a conflict with the start date arises. If for some reason Haulin’ Goats would need to cancel a job and it’s not possible to reschedule, the down payment would be fully refunded.